Rug Pads

Protect your hardwood, tile, stone and LVP flooring with a custom rug pad from Brasure’s Carpet Care. Since 1983, we’ve been providing non-slip cushioning and floor protection for customers on the eastern shore.

Rug Pads by Brasures Carpet Care

Custom Cut Rug Pads

At Brasure’s we offer multiple choices of rug pads that protect your rugs from wear and tear and also provide a level of cushioning based on your preferences. We can custom cut any of our Oriental rug pads to fit the exact specifications of your area rug. With attention to detail, we measure, trim, and install rug pads, ensuring an accurate and comfortable fit.

Our rug pads address a variety of issues:

  • Prolong the life of your area rug.
  • Protect floors without marring, staining, or discoloring them.
  • Grip and hold your rug in place, preventing unnecessary slips and falls.
  • Provides additional comfort.

Our Rug Pad Selection

Eco Preferred Rug Pad

Eco Preferred

WunderGrip Rug Pad


Eco Preferred

This product contains a pet urine barrier. This moisture barrier is designed to keep most pet urine and spills from penetrating through the pad and ruining your hard surface flooring. Eco Preferred is perfect for most area rugs on a hard surface. It is sustainable, 100% recycled and 100% recyclable, has no odors and will not stain, discolor, or mar flooring. No latex or rubber is used in making this product. It can be readily be custom cut. Eco Preferred is our number one recommended rug pad. This pad is made in the USA and is cleanable. This product is green label certified.


WunderGrip is the market leader in vinyl non-slip padding. Vinyl affords maximum gripping power and cushioning without the thickness of other pads. WunderGrip will not stain or discolor your floor and is washable. Open pattern construction makes vacuuming easier by allowing greater airflow and lessens the chance of harmful mildew. Guaranteed for 20 years to maintain all non-slip properties.

Our Rug Cleaning Service Area

We offer area rug pickup for the following counties:

  • Sussex
  • Kent
  • New Castle
  • Accomack
  • Wicomico
  • Worcester
  • Somerset
  • Dorchester
  • Caroline
  • Talbot
  • Queen Anne’s
  • Kent